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News  January 2018

We all at Jakkalskuil Safaris hope that all our friends and clients, word wide will experience a happy and healthy 2018.

We are looking back to a very successful hunting season of 2017. 

Several hunting groups of central Europe visited Jakkalskuil through the year.  Peter and Laci of HuH Safaris are bringing every year more hunters from Hungary to expose them to the African experience.  We were also the hosts of some hunters from Slowakia and the Czech Republic.

The management hunts are getting more popular with the Hungarian hunters and with the last group they manage to cull within 3 days more than 60 Springbuck.  The same group also hunted also some very good quality of trophy animals. One hunter of the group was an old client, Lazslo Leczo of Slowakia. He collects abnormal trophies.  During previous safaris he hunted Gemsbuck , Kudu and Red Hartebeest with abnormal horns. This year he got a beautiful Impala, Springbuck and a Gemsbuck (Oryx) with abnormal horns. He could not believe his luck when he hunted a male Baboon and one of the canine teeth of the baboon was of an abnormal big size, nearly double the size of the rest of the canine teeth.

We were also the hosts of some American clients that preferred to hunt the Karoo region of Africa.  During the end of July, a South African born hunter, Izak Nieuwoudt, who is living in the US, together with a friend hunted with us. Of the outstanding trophies that they bagged were a beautiful Sable and a Cape Kudu.  Soon after Izak departed Bruce Tustin and his wife, Charlie, turned up. Charlie is a crack shot on their local shooting ranges with different types of rifles, handguns and shotguns, but Bruce is the hunter. During 2016 Bruce hunted a Buffalo with Jakkalskuil Safaris and this year he was back for more action with his 375. Bruce hunted a Leche, Waterbuck, Bontebuck and made a very impressive shot with his 375 over a long distance to brought a big Cape Eland bull down.

During the end of September three of our old clients of America, Prof Carl Leukefeld and his son Karl as well as Dale Denisar, the longrange king of the Karoo, joined us on a 4 day fishing safari for Tigerfish on lake Cahorra Bassa in Mozambique. The fishing was good and several Tigers, heavier than 12 pounds were caught. We stayed at a fishing camp of a friend on an island in the lake. The weather kept up and a lot of adrenalin flown. After the fishing part the group moved to Jakkalskuil where several good trophies, included a Nyala and a rare pure black Impala, were taken. Karl also completed his Springbuck slam, consist out of a common, white, black and copper Springbuck within two days. After the Leukefelds departs back for the US, Mark Markegene joined his old hunting buddy, Dale, to do some unusual hunting for another 10 days in the Karoo.

Dale and Mark specialize in long range hunting and shooting and they killed several crows at Jakkalskuil who were busy to predate on sheep giving birth. Some of the highlights were when each of them manage to kill a big male baboon, out of a troop who were making a lot of damage on crop and other property.  The moment Mark will remember for a very long time was the day when he broke Dale’s record by killing a wild Ostrich with a shot further than 750 yards.

We are still experience a dry season with below normal rainfall.  Fortunately the raining season is still lying ahead and we hope for a better season than the previous 4 years.  The fact that a big percentage of the female antelope gave birth during November and December hopefully shows that mother nature is going to take care of them.

The reservations for this year are coming along and we are waiting for the first group of Hungarian clients, leading by Peter Hauser to turns up, at the end of March. Peter is bringing his son Marci, who is 12 years old, for his first African Safari with. Mr. Ferenc Kovacs, and old client of Hungary is planning to come and celebrate his birthday with his family on the 21st of March at Jakkalskuil, in combination with some hunting. 

Mid of April, Mark Markegene is bringing his son and grandson with for some more Karoo experience and hunting. Dale, who is planning to take his longrange title back, will be with.  After the hunt, when the Markegenes departed for the U.S, Dale will be going with, with two other clients, on a Big Game fishing safari to the east coast of South Africa at Richards Bay, in an attempt to catch a Marlin. 

I am departing during the middle of February to attend the FeHova (Hunting and Fishing show) in Budapest, Hungary and to visit some of my hunting friends over there.

I hope everybody will experience some happy and successful hunting, wherever you may be hunting this coming year on the globe.

Your friend in Africa

Kobus of the Karoo


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